I am not currently looking for opportunities at this time, but if you are curious, you may see my education and experience below.

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Jibran Syed

Software Developer


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I am a master’s graduate interested in interactive media, mobile, or games. Eager to grow as a developer, help solve problems, and learn. I’m intrigued by software that brings good or joy to people. Currently employed in a software company digitizing aviation maps, to help make flying less stressful.


  • C++ Software Engineer
    Lufthansa Systems; Princeton, NJ
    July 2018
    • Part of a team digitizing aviation maps for the airline industry
    • Involved in using modern C++ code to build an aviation map library for multiple platforms
    • Involved in using Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to test various map features expressed in business language
  • Part-Time Unity Programmer
    Spherical Cow Games; Online
    June 2014 - February 2017
    • Implemented data-based game asset systems as per project specifications.
    • Used Unity Editor classes to create and edit custom level mission data that is serialized as ScriptableObjects.
    • Made an advanced data asset system for Unity for the facilitation of RPG games (progression, stats, and abilities). Created data for developer use in ScriptableObjects and data for game use in XML files.
  • Voluntary Part-Time Unity Developer
    Limbicnation; Online
    October 2014 - March 2016
    • Made an software system for Unity to observe audio output and offer the decibel and frequency of the current output. Used the audio output to manipulate various elements in a scene with various scripts (like light intensity, material color, object position, prefab swapping, texture swapping, mesh deformation, wireframe toggle, field of view, etc.).
    • Made a script to detect a player entering a trigger zone and made several scripts to perform different tasks based on entering trigger zones (like triggering animations, music, waypoint movement, wireframe toggle, trigger particles, prefab swapping, camera switching, object shaking, etc.).
    • Quickly implemented new functionality with script-based programming to manipulate Unity objects in various ways (as mentioned above).
  • Mobile & Web App Development Contractor
    The Mx Group; Burr Ridge, IL
    February 2014 - March 2014
    • Mostly performed maintenance programming on a client web project, and helped resolve an issue with publishing a mobile app for another client project.


  • MS in Game Programming (Applied Software Engineering)
    DePaul University; Chicago, IL
    September 2014 - November 2016
    3.8 GPA

  • BS in Game Development (Programming Concentration)
    DePaul University; Chicago, IL
    September 2009 - June 2013
    3.8 GPA

Select Courses

  • iOS 11 Development with Swift 4
    Udemy (September to November 2017)
    Finished learning basics of iOS development by making several app projects. Recieved Udemy certificate of completion. Taught by Devslopes.

  • China Study Abroad – Shanghai & Beijing
    DePaul University (August 2016)
    Visited cultural sites and software companies, in Shanghai & Beijing, to learn about collaboration and outsourcing. Trip lasted about 10 days.

  • Game Engine I, II, & III
    DePaul University (September 2015 to June 2016)
    Made an OpenGL-powered game engine for Windows that includes a skinned animation system.

  • Android Development
    DePaul University (September to November 2015)
    Learned Android API and IDE, and made a simple app for tracking time spent on creative hobbies.

  • Multithreading
    DePaul University (April to June 2015)
    Learned multithreading primitives in C++11, including mutexes, lock_guard’s, and more.

  • Game Architecture
    DePaul University (January to March 2015)
    Made space invaders with design patterns, including command, strategy, state, observer, etc.

  • Optimized C++
    DePaul University (September to November 2014)
    Learned optimizations in C++, involving padding, const correctness, and alignment, and more.


C#, Swift, C++, Unity3D, Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, Xcode, Interface Builder, Cocoa Touch/UIKit, CocoaPods, Android Studio, Git, Github, SourceTree, BitBucket, Perforce, SVN, OpenGL, GLSL, YAML, JSON, Java, Objective-C, Unix Terminal, Windows, macOS, Ubuntu

  • Chott for iOS
    Remake of Chott time tracking app for iOS 11+
    February 2018
    Made using Swift 4, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, and Core Data

  • Minapps Alarm Clock
    Bedside alarm clock app for iOS
    December 2017
    Made using Swift 4, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, and Core Data

  • Gyra
    Quick Arcade Game - Now on the App Store
    November 2017
    Made using C#, Unity3D, and Xcode

  • Caelium Alpha
    Digital Orrery Sandbox Game for Ludum Dare Game Jam
    April 2017
    Made using C# and Unity3D

  • LGE
    3D Graphics Engine for Windows
    June 2016
    Made using C++, OpenGL, YAML, and Visual Studios

  • Sea2D
    2D Game Sprite Engine for macOS
    June 2016
    Made using C++, OpenGL, YAML, and Xcode

  • Procedutex
    Procedural Texture Library for Windows
    March 2016
    Made using C++, OpenGL, and Visual Studios

  • Chott for Android
    Time Tracking App for Android
    November 2015
    Made using Java, Android Studio, and JSON

  • XboxCtrlrInput
    Input Library for Unity3D
    August 2013
    Made using C#, Unity3D, and XInput.NET


Art, Design, Games, Photography, Linguistics, Technology, Lyric-free Music, Travel, Spirituality, East Asian Cultures

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