Learning iOS Development from DevSlopes


Project:   10 Seconds In 10 Seconds

Reading time ~2 minutes

Lately, I was learning mobile app development on iOS platforms. Since I always use an iPhone (and sometimes an iPad), I figured that I should be able to write software for these things.

I was actually exposed to iOS development before, in the distant past. Back then, it was very difficult and confusing, but I must admit that my programming skills were not as sharp back then either.

But now I finished learning the basics of iOS development from the DevSlopes team on Udemy. If you like being self-directed in your learning but want some guidance, DevSlopes is great for that.

Last month, I completed their iOS 11 & Swift 4 course. You can see my Certificate of Completion here.

At DevSlopes, you code several projects, learning the different aspects of the iOS platform. The following is a select list of such projects I uploaded onto GitHub. You can see screenshots and more information there:

  • RetroCalc: A simple iOS calculator app
  • Ramp Up: An iOS ARKit demo featuring live-sized skateboard ramps
  • Rainy Shine: A very simple weather app for iOS with 5-day forecast
  • Goal Post: An iOS app demo utilizing Core Data to try to track new goals
  • Bot Vision: An iOS machine learning demo (using CoreML) where the app tries to recognize everyday objects
  • Pixel City: An iOS app demo were users can browse Flickr photos based off map locations
  • Breakpoint: A micro social networking iOS app demo aimed for coders and other geeks, powered by Firebase
  • Confaby: An iOS Slack clone demo app that features realtime chat messaging
  • Scribe: An iOS app demo that dictates a pre-recorded voice message