Minapps Alarm Clock



Minapps Alarm Clock is a classical digital alarm clock app for iOS with a customizable clock face and different alarm options. Works great as a bedside clock.


Features of the Digital Clock Face:

  • Change the color of the digital clock UI
  • Choose from 6 fonts for the clock UI
  • Enable or disable date display
  • Enable or disable seconds display
  • Enable or disable battery percentage display
  • Toggle between 12-hour and 24-hour convention
  • Adjust brightness by swiping up or down
  • Disables auto-lock when plugged in

Features of the Alarms:

  • Manage multiple alarms
  • Enable or disable alarms
  • Toggle repeating alarms for any day of the week
  • Enable snooze for 1 to 10 minutes
  • Choose from 5 alarm sounds
  • Name your alarms
  • Alarms trigger inside the app with alarm screen
  • Alarms trigger outside the app with a notification
  • Delete your alarms


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