The Other Sky



Travel in a strange surreal realm as you experience the world turning upside down. Only 3 levels.

The Other Sky is my jam entry for the 30th Ludum Dare. The theme was “Connected Worlds”. The ideas that were brewing were very ambitious, but in the end, I went for a semi-ambitious idea where you are in a place where there is a world right-side up and another world upside down.

Ideally, they would be connected by gravity-based puzzles, but I couldn’t develop that far.

The idea of the game is that you navigate in a surreal world where you flip gravity by reaching gravity-flipping “altars”.


  • WASD + Mouse: Move and look around
  • Space: Jump
  • R: Reset the level
  • Esc: Quit the game (doesn’t apply to web version)


Downloads from Ludum Dare