Reveal is a team-made game project in Unity3D and coded with C#.

The object of the game is to navigate around a series of dark mazes and making it to the end. You are a fragile crystal prism that will shatter the instant you touch a wall. You emit a little light and can shoot small beams of light to ‘reveal’ your surroundings (thus the name of the game).

The length of time we had to work on the project was about 9 weeks. As a student project, I feel the game is relatively polished, but definitely not perfect.

Here are the team members:

  • Matthew Baran – Producer, Designer, Audio
  • Nicholas Fanelli – Assistant Producer, Designer
  • Trisha DeSalvo – Artist, Animation
  • Jibran Syed – Programmer
  • Steven Hoover – Programmer


Download from Reveal site