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Project:   Kiroku

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Since moving to Jekyll and GitHub Pages, I wanted a way to write a new blog post from a mobile device. I admit that I might not write from a mobile device very often, but it’s nice feature to have, and Wordpress.com has an app to make this task easier.

I searched long and hard for ways to write posts on an iOS device and post them to this blog. Long story short, I found a way from hardscrabble that involves using an app called Editorial. It’s a pretty advanced text writing app that has tons of features like templates and custom workflows. Instruction provided by hardscrabble show how to set up the app to write to your Jekyll-powered blog (if it’s hosted on GitHub Pages). The custom workflow hardscrabble made can be found here. I did a few tiny tweaks, but it works perfectly.

This post was written in and sent from the Editorial app.