Made Advanced C++ Game Engine in Grad School


Project:   LGE

Reading time ~1 minute

At DePaul University, typical coding projects take about 3 months to complete. However, if you are assigned to make a game engine, it can take 9 months! (That’s 3 quarter terms at DePaul).

LGE is the result of a long-term sequence of game engine development courses where students are tasked with making a game engine. You start with graphics and math, but then build up many other systems like run-time formats, hierarchy trees, and even skinned animation, on the GPU! You take the same engine you made the previous course and keep developing it.

Let’s just say it wasn’t a walk in the park.

But it’s definitely the most advanced code I’ve written yet. It may be useable for a simple animated game (although LGE doesn’t have an audio system).

You can learn more about the LGE game engine at the project’s page, or download the code from GitHub.