During college, I took an Android Development course, and the result of my final project was a neat app called Chott (an acronym for “Creative Hobby Occurrence Time Tracker”). The premise behind the app was to track the time spend on creative hobbies/work, a concept partially inspired by Devine Lu Linvega’s Horaire.

I actually use iPhone most of the time, so I don’t use Chott. I’ll consider making something similar in iOS later. Regardless, it’s a usable app (although you cannot delete records made in the app). If you have an Android device and Android Studio, you can go straight to GitHub to get the source, or go to Chott’s page for more info on the project.

These are old artworks from an art class I took long ago

These pieces were made in a visual design class long ago

The first is a photo of Toronto modified with the app Repix. The second is a photo of DC modified with the app Poly


Made in an iPad app called Flowpaper

Long ago I made a game jam entry for Ludum Dare called The Other Sky, and while it wasn’t well developed, I still liked the outcome. I made soundspaces for that game by messing around with a tonematrix in AudioTool, then I stretched the sound very long with PaulStretch, resulting in something that sounds like a soundspace.

I made a game a while ago for Ludum Dare called Gyra. It’s my most polished Ludum Dare game yet. You can play it here.

You can see what other Ludum Dare games I made here.


Interesting Article about Solo Game Dev

It discusses the possibility of personal growth in the context of making games (especially as a hobby).

I recently participated in the 33rd Ludum Dare online game jam.

My entry was called Galactic Space Crusher. You play as a giant spaceship who must wipe out fleets of enemies with an arsenal of weapons.

I couldn’t develop it enough the way I wanted, but if I decide to develop this, I’ll try to make it much better.

Hi there.

I am moving from my old Wordpress blog to a Jekyll powered blog because of the increased ability to customize the look of this blog.

I intend of making this place my home on the web for the unforeseeable future.