These are old artworks from an art class I took long ago

These pieces were made in a visual design class long ago

The first is a photo of Toronto modified with the app Repix. The second is a photo of DC modified with the app Poly


Made in an iPad app called Flowpaper

Long ago I made a game jam entry for Ludum Dare called The Other Sky, and while it wasn’t well developed, I still liked the outcome. I made soundspaces for that game by messing around with a tonematrix in AudioTool, then I stretched the sound very long with PaulStretch, resulting in something that sounds like a soundspace.

I made a game a while ago for Ludum Dare called Gyra. It’s my most polished Ludum Dare game yet. You can play it here.

You can see what other Ludum Dare games I made here.


Interesting Article about Solo Game Dev

It discusses the possibility of personal growth in the context of making games (especially as a hobby).

I recently participated in the 33rd Ludum Dare online game jam.

My entry was called Galactic Space Crusher. You play as a giant spaceship who must wipe out fleets of enemies with an arsenal of weapons.

I couldn’t develop it enough the way I wanted, but if I decide to develop this, I’ll try to make it much better.

Hi there.

I am moving from my old Wordpress blog to a Jekyll powered blog because of the increased ability to customize the look of this blog.

I intend of making this place my home on the web for the unforeseeable future.